But wait, who is Mary, anyway, and what do sheep have to do with anything?!

Mary's Big Sheep

What the Big Sheep is about

Dogs are family. We must celebrate them... and spoil them.

Let's face it. The market for pet and dog accessories is over-saturated with various large companies that aim to dress up your pet in a number of different mass-produced outfits and accessories to attract attention. So how is Mary's Big Sheep any different? Lets talk about that.

Mary's Big Sheep is a Canadian business developed by Lisa Tomlinson, and based in Keswick, Ontario. The Big Sheep is focussed on creating unique and custom products that allow you and your dog to freely express yourselves (yes, dogs deserve freedom of expression also). Lisa and the support sheep get that some of us are a little over the top about spoiling our pooches... they are MORE than just pets, they are FAMILY. It is on this belief that that Mary's Big Sheep is founded.

All of our products are handmade by Lisa with extreme care in our home office in Keswick. Many of our orders are custom, though we also have a number of popular items that are for sale that we keep in stock. But no matter what you buy, it will be unique. AND if you have a request for that certain special pattern that you just can't find anywhere, we will do our best to find it for you and custom make it just for you!

Mary, Lisa's late Grandmother, was the inspiration for this business, and the reason it exists. Shortly after she passed away (just shy of an incredible 101 years old), Lisa decided to do something in her Grandmother's name to honour Mary and her brave journey through life. 

Lisa Started off with knitting - one of Mary's greatest passions, and later began sewing as her grandmother so skillfully once had. Combining these passions with her own love (and her Grandmother's love) for animals, it seemed only natural that this business should be named in her honour. The name "Mary's Big Sheep" was born from a good sense of humour (which Mary could always appreciate), and a business that was originally based on knitted products. 

And now you know!